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Multifamily Dog Amenities

A 4-story multifamily housing community designed with a focus on enriching pets and people.

Prior to owner presentation, plans were reviewed by two animal behavior experts. Dr. James Ha called the plans “Spectacular!’ while Dr. Robin Foster stated, “You know I adore this. These plans are so needed.” The endorsement from these experts underscores the commitment of Bark Landscape Architecture to creating spaces that not only align with architectural vision but also prioritize the well-being and enjoyment of our four-legged friends.
Presenting a 4-story multifamily housing community along the Grand Canal (Phoenix), designed with a focus on accommodating pets. The features are divided into four zones:
  1. The Pocket Park: A communal area with cabanas and low fencing, inviting pet owners to bring their dogs for a leisurely hang-out session.
  2. The Dog Sensory Garden: Tailored for 15-minute "Sniffy Walks," this garden is designed to offer an enriching environment for dogs during short walks.
  3. The Fetch Zone: Consists of multiple dog runs placed side by side, creating private spaces for playing ball or frisbee with pets.
  4. Streetscape Planting: Balancing aesthetics with practicality, the streetscape planting shields plants from dog waste while maintaining a pleasant environment for pedestrians.