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Dog Adventure Park

A dream come true for an innovative kennel-free dog shelter in England.

Collaboration with Emma Billington brought forth inventive ideas for dogs to play at the expanded Dogs 4 Rescue facility in Manchester, England. During our brainstorming sessions, one standout concept emerged: repurposing an old farm truck to shoot tennis balls from its exhaust pipe. This creative addition adds an element of interactive play, ensuring the dogs at Rescue World have not only a safe haven but also engaging experiences that make their stay truly special.

Excitement filled the air when Dogs 4 Rescue decided to expand their innovative dog rescue in Manchester, England, and we were honored to be part of the project! Dogs 4 Rescue, known for its kennel-free shelter model where dogs live in groups with staff members until adoption, acquired acres of land in the countryside for their dream facility, Rescue World.

Collaborating with owner Emma Billington, we brought her vision to life. The new facility is a haven for our four-legged friends, featuring a treehouse, sand pits, a beach entry pool, play equipment, a sensory garden, amphitheater, tunnels, and ample open space for dogs to run free.

Recognizing the importance of purposeful planning, we incorporated hiding spots into the design. As new dogs arrive, they may experience fear during their adjustment period. Following Emma's guidance, we ensured the presence of tall grasses and other secluded areas, providing a safe space for dogs to retreat until they're ready to explore their surroundings.