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Songbird Gardens

An urban residence transformed into a wildlife oasis.

In crafting the Songbird Garden, our design extended beyond the allure of songbirds to embrace sustainable practices. Responding to the owner's request for passive rainwater harvesting, we integrated calculated solutions to maximize water conservation.

Strategic construction of gutters and swales diverts rainwater collected from the roof to designated landscaped areas. The careful placement of berms further enhances this system, ensuring that as much rainwater as possible stays within the property. This thoughtful approach not only supports the ecological balance of the garden but also aligns with our commitment to creating landscapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible.

Nestled in a historic neighborhood adorned with multiple grass lawns, our Songbird Garden project harmonizes nature with urban living. The owner's vision was clear: to craft a space that beckons songbirds. Departing from traditional turf, we embraced tall grasses, native Prickly Pear, and a striking Mesquite tree to fashion a meadow effect that captivates both the eye and ear.

At the entry, a strategically placed birdbath becomes a focal point, not only attracting songbirds but also providing a delightful view from the home office, accompanied by the soothing sound of cascading water.

Adjacent to the porch, native plants have been carefully selected to bloom at different times of the year. This intentional planting not only adds visual interest but also attracts insects and seeds, creating a natural buffet for local wildlife.

Adding a protective touch, spiky cacti along the fenceline serve as a barrier, providing a secure space for birds to nest and thrive.

Despite being a relatively recent endeavor with plants installed just six months ago, our Songbird Garden has already become a haven for feathered visitors, filling the air with their joyful melodies.