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Pupfish Pond

A courtyard that brings attention to an endangered species. (Project was created while at Floor Associates.)

Aptly called "pupfish," this species earned its name due to the frisky and puppy-like manner in which it moves. The energetic and playful movements of the pupfish contribute to the charm of this endangered species, adding a distinct element to the aquatic ecosystem within the renovated courtyard.

Collaborating closely with Arizona State University biologists, we embarked on a mission to create an oasis for the endangered Desert Pupfish (Cyprinodon macularius) and the general public.

Two ponds were strategically designed to serve distinct purposes. The first pond, located in a public area, offers visitors an opportunity to learn about the plight of these tiny residents, fostering awareness and understanding.

The second pond, situated in a private area, caters to researchers, providing a controlled environment for close observation of the health and breeding activity of the Desert Pupfish. This dual-pond approach ensures the well-being of the species while advancing scientific understanding.

Beyond the ponds, native Arizona planting enhances the surroundings, creating a habitat that harmonizes with the region's ecosystem. Observation areas in public spaces invite engagement, fostering a connection between the university community and the delicate aquatic ecosystem.

(Pupfish photograph by P.V. Loiselle. Source: Wikimedia Commons.)