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Elephant Sanctuary

A map to help future residents and caregivers.

My journey with Elephant Sanctuary Brazil began during my animal behavior course at Oxford. As I researched whether elephants can experience PTSD and, if so, if a sanctuary environment can facilitate healing, I stumbled upon the remarkable Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.

The answer to my inquiries resonated strongly: yes, elephants can indeed experience PTSD, and yes, they can find solace and healing within the sanctuary's nurturing environment. This revelation sparked a profound connection with the Sanctuary's mission and prompted my collaboration with the dedicated team.

Introducing Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, the sole elephant sanctuary in South America committed to providing a haven for these majestic beings. Currently home to seven Asian elephants, the sanctuary envisions expanding its reach to include African and additional Asian elephants, encompassing both males and females. While harboring a vision for growth, the organization faced a gap in crucial architectural drawings.

In close collaboration with the dedicated team at Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, we created site plans that provided a detailed overview, encompassing topography, geological features, existing vegetation, buildings, Elephant Care Centers, and areas earmarked for future expansion. These essential blueprints serve as powerful tools for fundraising, planning, and effective communication with prospective team members.

Our partnership aims to bridge the gap by cultivating an environment that not only addresses the current needs of its inhabitants but also lays the foundation for a sustainable and compassionate future for Elephant Sanctuary Brazil.