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Enriching the lives of Developers, Architects, and Labradors through dog-centered amenities.

Barkitect Reviewing Plans

Landscape Design for Animals

Hello! I'm Starin Butler, the driving force behind Bark Landscape Architecture, where passion meets design. Formerly a Project Manager at a prestigious Landscape Architecture firm, I've now stepped into the role of Principal at my dream studio.

Currently, my focus is on collaborating with Developers and Architects to craft exceptional, behavior-driven, dog-centered amenities for multi-family, build-to-rent, and single-family housing.

How did I find myself on this path? Well, while juggling a full-time role, I dedicated my free time to donating design services to animal shelters and sanctuaries worldwide. Animals and design are not just my job; they're my passions.

Yearning to create spaces for both animals and people full-time, I discovered that the studio I envisioned didn't exist here in Arizona. So, I decided to carve my own way and founded Bark Landscape Architecture LLC. With a design degree supplemented by animal-behavior coursework, including certification in Applied Animal Behavior, Bark specializes in animal-centered design.

From elephants to songbirds, my journey has led me to work on designs that are not only fulfilling but incredibly FUN! Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Let's create something extraordinary together!

—Starin Butler
Registered Landscape Architect
Certified in Applied Animal Behavior